My Diary

Dear Diary,

Lately I’ve been worrying about our big ice skating competition. I can barley stand up in my skates without falling! I don’t know how I’m supposed to win the money for the fuzzy friends charity. I really don’t want to upset Brandon if I don’t win the money , I know how much Fuzzy Friends means to him.
Anyway I really hope Makenzie doesn’t do anything to sabotage my performance , I mean she already tried to take away my charity. I was not happy. Today she looked at me with a glare , like I did anything. She was probably just mad because she didn’t get the charity she wanted and that’s when the bell rang to go home.
Until next time,

I am me

I am me
Melody’s inside is beautiful.
Don’t try to be someone you’re not , you’re unique in your own way.
I’m not you , I’m not er , I am me.
Beauty doesn’t matter on the outside ,
It matters on the inside.
I am kind,
I am caring,
I am loving,
I am me!
Don’t change just to fit in , real friends
Like you for you.
Never change!

Lessons Learned

One lesson I learned in the Holocaust was that they weren’t treated fairly. It’s not fair that they got treated differently from the blond hair blue eyed people. Every time I think about how horrible they were treated it makes me so sad because they didn’t do anything wrong, it was just because they didn’t have blue eyes or blond hair. They wouldn’t like it if that was them so they shouldn’t do that to all those people who lost their lives. In my opinion everyone should be treated the same no matter what color or how they look.

Another lesson I learned is to be brave.
After everything they’ve been through they were so brave and still had hope and faith. That’s the kind of person I want to be. Everyone should feel confident in themselves.


Dear Diary,

Ellen Will be staying a few nights at our house.
We were going to stay at her house and her mom would cook chicken for us because they were celebrating the Jewish New Years but unfortunately the plan changed.
We were all eating dinner when my parents began to explain what was going on and why Ellen was staying at our house.
So father began saying “Now Ellen you already know what’s going on so we’re going to have to tell Annemarie. Annemarie the Nazi’s have been capturing all the jews and Ellen and her family had to be safe …”. While father was talking I noticed a tear run down Ellen’s face. I didn’t say anything and continued listening to father.Father continued. “So Peter took Ellen’s parents somewhere safe while Ellen stayed here”. I asked why her parents couldn’t also stay with us. He replied with a sigh and said “We wouldn’t be able to hide three people in our tiny apartment… but we can hide one. Plus they have a list of who the Jews are and where they lived. Ellen I promise your parents are somewhere safe … I don’t know where but they’re safe. Ellen will have to take Lisa’s place as being your other sister. Ellen nodded and we all continued eating our dinner.
Until next time Annemarie.

New Years Poem

New Years Eve


The New Years is very Magical.

I went to Jersey’s house and had a blast!


We played with the Glow wubble ball.


It felt like a round trampoline hitting against my hands , it was very exciting!


Afterwards it was time for the count down.


We counted . . .

10 , 9 , 8, 7 ,6 ,5 ,4 ,3 ,2 ,1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We jumped in cheer and said “Yay , it’s 2016”!!!


She and I are hoping this year is magnificent!

My Adventure

   I was in a rocket flying to the moon. As I landed I got out and started walking around and noticed a sign that said , “ Welcome to Alienville.”

   So I nervously entered and there were a lot of aliens . . . I was scared.

Suddenly I heard footsteps , I looked up to see six aliens walking my way. I tried to run but I was frozen and didn’t know what to do. They approached very slowly and said , “ Hello human what might you be called?” I stuttered while speaking and said “ A – a – Asia my n – name is Asia.” Then they all introduced themselves and their personalities

   Bob is the really loud and funny one , Rico is the really fat one and loves chips , Shanikwa is the super sassy one , and last but not least there’s Floofy , he is the cool laid back one.

   Shanikwa and the others invited me to hang out with then for the day. First we went to the mall , and they showed me some really cool stuff  I’ve never seen before. While I was buying candy , I noticed an alien starring at at me. I thought it was weird , so I told Shanikwa , Bob , and Floofy and whispered , “ Hey guys umm . . . that alien keeps looking at me and she’s making me feel weird. Am I doing something wrong ?” I’M SURE IT”S . . . Bob roared loudly but we all said “shhh” before he could finish his sentence. Floofy whispered , “ I think Bob was going to say I’m sure it’s nothing or maybe it’s because she’s never seen a human before.” Maybe I thought to myself. “Ok” I replied.

   When we got through , Rico was anxious to go to the food center. So we finally went and we all got burger and  and fries except for  Rico he got five bags of chips. Once we got finished I was as stuffed as a pillow , so I went to the bathroom. When I was through I came out and and everyone was as mad as a baby without it’s bottle.

   So I pulled Shanikwa out if the arguments and asked her , “ Why was everyone mad?” She seemed mad to but she said , “ Bonquiqui said that you called us names that weren’t nice at all.” Of course I didn’t do it so I said , “ Why would I do that ; y’all are my friends , and who’s Bonquiqui?” “Bonquiqui is the girl that was starring at you in the store ; she is the meanest girl in Alienville.” She replied. I got so mad I screamed “ Enough! All of you please listen to me , please. I never said any of that , please believe me. I know we’ve only known each other  for a few hours , but you have to believe me!” They all settled down and apologized to one another and we went to get ice cream

   Once we were through we gave a group hug and sat down at the park benches watching the little aliens play. Unfortunately it was time for me to head back home I will never forget the time I made friends with some aliens. I hope one day I can go back and visit my friends.


So Long 5th Grade

The most important thing i learned was try hard and never give up.

My favorite project was the PBL field trip.

I was most surprised by me passing the reading STAAR.

The thing i disliked most was nothing i liked everything.